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Short Paragraph on Unity is Strength

‘United we stand, divided we fall’. Wherever we may be, we must try to be united, give up our selfishness and co-operate with each other. We must realize that dissension spells disaster.

In the story, ‘The farmer and his sons’, the farmer asks his quarrelsome sons to break a bundle of sticks. The sons cannot break the bundle, but can easily break the sticks when they are separated. The farmer thus proves that ‘unity is strength’.

India came under foreign domination because of jealousy and enmity. We learn from the history of India that if Mirzafar had not gone over to the English and had not proved a traitor, Bengal would not have passed over to the English. The dissension in the army can cause a revolt. Similarly, it is not possible to win a game without co-operation, team-spirit and unity. If the members of a family and the society are united they can reach the zenith of prosperity.

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Union is strength or we can say that there is power in unity. This phrase is about the quality and advantage of unity, a single person can be easily defeated or harmed by anyone whereas a group of people is always able to handle any unstable situation. Now this biggest truth has been accepted by all and is followed by many countries. Essays on this phrase of “Union is strength” are provided here with different words count and in simple English language for students of all classes as per their need and requirement.

Short Essay on Union is Strength

In this category, three essays are provided with words count of 100, 200 and 300 words. All the essays are useful for students of classes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. They can use it in different types of competitions of essay writing.

Union is Strength Essay 1 (100 words)

Union can be referred as ‘one for all and all for one’. When some people united to make a group or union, they feel more powerful and strong than they were in individual situation. And this feeling of power and confidence increases their physical and mental strength. This nation has several example of unity when it has been proved that “Union is strength”. We all realize and accept the power of unity and by being united no one can harm us at social, physical or financial level. History proves that without unity no war can be won whether in case of India’s Independence from British rule or in the case of several wars those were happened among various kings in India.


Union is Strength Essay 2 (200 words)

“Union is strength”, is the famous phrase represents the power or strength of unity. Feeling of having unity with others, make a person so powerful and confident that no person or no situation can defeat or harm. People have realized this fact and also teach their children to be united by telling different stories based on this fact. We were also heard many stories in our childhood which was based on the power of union. Story of farmer who has four sons and they were unable to break the bundle of sticks and story of birds that were trapped in a net by fowler, and by being united they get success in flying together along with the net, are the true examples of this phrase “union is strength”.

Our country India is the live example of unity, here many different communities, different casts, different religions are available but have unity among all in a common thought of being Indian. In fact, our country got independence due to having unity and was ruled by British rule because of division among people. Even many kings were defeated in war because of they were alone and various kings won the war due to unity. This whole world requires unity among people to tackle different unwanted conditions in manner to spread peace, happiness, prosperity all over.


Union is Strength Essay 3 (300 words)

Unity represents the common power of more than one people thus we say that “Union is strength”. Unity is always beneficial for all whether it’s human or animal. Several stories are based upon this fact of power of unity, from where we learn that it’s smarter to travel in a group. People who are united and go with their family can easily face any kind of situation or circumstance whether good or bad.

Let’s take an example for easy understanding, a single finger cannot do any work alone but when all five fingers are combined they can lift heavy weight. A big manufacturing company also depend on the union of labour, they have the power to either enhance or reduce the success of that company. A single drop of water cannot quench a thirst of anyone but when lots of drops of water combined, it becomes a river or sea and can be useful for millions of people. Same like numbers of bricks are used to make a high building and uncountable molecules make this world.

Our nation teaches us the power of union by giving several examples in history including the story of India’s Independence which was completely based on the unity of people of India against the British rule for getting the independence. Other stories are of several kings who were defeated in battle field due to absence of unity in their team. Someone has truly said that “United we stand and divided we fall” means that no one can harm or destroy us until we are in a group and if separated then it will be easier for anyone to harm us.

Unity has always the power and strength to face or tackle any kind of worst situation. It is always our responsibility to walk together with other people in the journey of life.

Long Essay on Union is Strength

In this category, two essays are given here on “Union is strength” in the words count of 400 and 600. Both the essays consist the real meaning of this phrase and its advantages with examples and conclusions. Essays are useful for all people having different purpose and requirement.

Union is Strength Essay 4 (400 words)

Power of unity and feeling of togetherness is the biggest need of any living kind whether they are human or any other living kind like birds or animals. They all require being in a group or union to face the unwanted or critical situations coming in their life. A single person whether he is physically too powerful but cannot live alone and cannot face different circumstances in life. A person always need someone and by being united even a physically week person can also face the negative situation in an easy and efficient manner with the help of his family and friends due to having unity.

Various stories are based on this fact about unity and its power, which we have heard in our childhood and now tell those stories to our children. Various examples are taken in those stories related to power of unity. One is about some pigeons which were trapped in a net by a fowler and when they decided to be united they got success in flying along with the net.

Unity has various examples like a big sea is made of countless single drops, a rope is made of number of single threads and a huge building consist of various single bricks. These examples show the strength of Unity. Even this whole world is made of uncounted molecules and atoms. Thus we can feel and experience the power of union.

Union is strength proves at different level:

We can start describing the power or strength of union from our family. Having unity among family members, a family can handle any kind of situation whether good or bad. Unity in a family gives a person physical and financial security along with the mental support. Now we talk about the unity in nation, a country is safe and secure until the people living here are united and unanimous. A country with having unity among citizens of it can tackle any kind of national crises. And at international level the common problems of whole world like global warming and terrorism also needs the unity among all countries and people to solve it.


Globally, many problems are raising their head like global warming or problem of terrorism and it is needed to be united in manner to handle and tackle these crises and at some level it has been possible for various countries to be united and together for facing this situation in recent past years.


Union is Strength Essay 5 (600 words)


“Union is strength” means unity is the biggest power that can defeat or face any kind of situation or problem existed in this world. We all have heard a lot of stories about strength of union in our childhood, one of them was about a farmer who had four sons but they always fought against each other. Some day their father gave a stick to them and ordered to break it, every one quickly broken it then father asked them to collect all the sticks and bind it with rope. Again he asked his all sons to break it. Every one tried but couldn’t succeed. Then their father made them realized the power of unity.

Above was the best and suitable example of this phrase of “Union is strength”. Other examples can be seen by us in our nature like uncounted single drops are used to make a sea and uncounted molecules are joined to make this universe. Same as each figure combined to make a punch and number of bricks are used to make a huge building.

Though we all know that at alone level we all are weak but if we come together and be unite we get more powerful. This power of unity has been proved since many years and by many ways. Various kings were defeated due to absence of unity and many were won due to presence of union. In fact In case of our country India, where India was under British Rule, British people follow the policy of “divide and rule” and ruled them for many years. And in 1947, India got independence when people of it came together and fought against British Rule. Thus many incidents were happened in history that realizes and teaches us the power of Union.

Advantages of Union is Strength

  1. Physical Security: As we discussed above by having unity we become more powerful at physical level and able to face any kind of circumstances.
  2. Social Security: Union is strength does not only relate to physical power but also unity in thoughts and relationships. People who represent a community with unity always feel secured at social level.
  3. Financial Security: Being united and gathered by physically, people get financial security as well.

Another phrase that relate with this is “United we stand, divided we fall” means until we are united we are at strong position and no one can harm us but if we got divided or distributed it will more easy for anyone to defeat us.

At National level also it is proved that union is strength. This country is totally depends on the strength and power of unity. India is the country of different religions and different communities but at last all the people are Indians and have proud to be Indians. Any social issue that is standing in front of us can be solved by having unity in people of India whether it is case of terrorism, corruption, poverty, child labour or overpopulation. No issue is impossible to solve, just require a team support which is possible by having unity in their thoughts and efforts.


Unity is the power of any living kind which exist in this world either human beings, birds or animals. Power of unity is same for all and has different advantages. Each person or other living kind is secure and safe until he is in group, when they are alone they can be easily troubled or destroyed by any one. Thus we all should follow this rule to be united and powerful in manner to handle any circumstance or situation either good or bad.

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