Australian Culture Essay Hook

Immigrants Adapting to the Australian Culture


As a matter of fact, Australia is a multi-ethnic country with its immigrants having come from all corners of the world. Examples of Australian immigrants include Polish, former Soviet Union, Koreans, and British among others. Interestingly, several immigrants use their primary language when within their families and within people of the same country of origin. Australian government allows immigrants to practice what pleases them most provided that they do not breach the law. Since immigration to Australia began a long time ago, the earliest immigrants began adapting to the Australian culture as soon as their arrival. On the other hand, the later and recent immigrants are also slowly adapting to the Australian culture. Immigrants are adapting to the Australian culture through several ways that includes learning English and learning to become tolerant among others.

Thus, this paper clearly examines how immigrants are adapting to the Australian culture.

How Immigrants are Adapting to the Australian Culture

Actually, Australia has learnt a lot from several immigrants who have inhabited it, and so far enhanced its culture. Diversity forms one of the learnt things. Tolerance is an old Australian culture that is even propped up by legislation. As such, Australia can handle multiple diverse attitudes to family, work and family. Since from the beginning the Australians have shown tolerance to the immigrants, the immigrants are also expected to reciprocate. As such, all the immigrants have been embracing that culture of tolerance in all their daily doings. As the Australian law stipulates that all people are equal, immigrants are also practicing equality in each and every place. The other Australian culture is learning English.

As a matter of fact, English is the national language for Australia. As such, the Australian government spends a lot of money in English teaching in order to break the communication barrier between different communities. In this scenario, immigrants are adapting to the Australian culture through learning English at an individual's pace. Additionally, immigrant parents are ensuring that their children are learning how to speak and write English well not only for the purposes of communication, but also for facilitating their integration in the job market and also in the society.


Actually, for a long time Australia has been a country with a mixture of people from all walks of life. Presently, there are no restrictions on using one's primary language in communicating with people of similar origins. Adaptation of the Australian culture is a gradual process that immigrants normally embrace. Generally, immigrants adapting to the Australian culture is a well-thought-out idea since it facilitates unity and communication among all Australians.

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